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When my DD was about that age, we really had her only on the rice cereal and baby food fruit and all of the stage 2 foods I think. She is 16 months now. You daughter is going to need her formula until she is age 1 when she can switch to whole milk so I wouldn't wean from the bottle until then. You can start giving her a sippy cup though with her formula in it, I did that around that age. As far as what foods, again, we stuck with the baby food only at that age. A sample of what we fed around that time was rice cereal mixed with stage 2 fruit then about a 4-5 oz. bottle of formula for breakfast, baby food for lunch and then formula and the same for dinner. She always liked green beans and carrots although now she hates regular green beans now :). As far as table food, to me 8 months is too early, I think we really didn't start ours on table food until closer to 1 year but everyone is different. You can try yogurt and table foods to start with are maybe toast or grilled cheese sandwiches cut into tiny bites. But she is definitely going to need her formula for a while. Just feed her until she seems full and then give her the bottle. Just make sure she is still getting the recommended amount per day. You don't want to cut back on the formula too much because she is gettng all her vitamins that way. Good luck!

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