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oh kdel that must have been so scary for you and especially when they didnt at first see it as an urgent call. thats what they did with my son when we first took him to A & E, his condition needed treatment and iv anitbiotics within 4 hours, they sent us home with an antihistamine :mad:
they are always so quick to put the blame on other people because they trust doctors and think they dont make mistakes (ha!)
we definately wont be using the anithistamines as it looks like he is doing just fine without them, his eczema is clearing up amazingly, he doesnt seem so itchy and i think he actually slept through last night :D well i cant remember waking up anyway lol
ty so much for letting me know what happened with your son, i was dubious with it anyway as it says on the box for babies and children over a year, and the does they said to give him is for babies aged 1-2 yrs, he's only 6 and a half months!

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