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My son has milk protein allergies as well. Soy won't do much good either, b/c most babies allergic to milk are allergic to Soy. The good side? He should outgrow it by a year old. LOL. Okay...well I use Similac Alimentum for my son. It is "hypoallergenic" and expensive. I am guessing that your grandson is either on this or Enfamil Nutramigen. These will make poopl (especially the nutramigen) very water and diahrea like. This is b/c all of the protein that are in it are VERY broken down. I would give this formula at least a week, if not 2. Usually it takes about 2 weeks to completley take effect. My son had a REALLY bad rash from the Nutramigen, so I had to switch him to the Alimentum. Can your grandson get WIC? if so, they will help cover the cost of these expensive formulas. There is one more that is the next step up from these, and is SUPER expensive (but most insurances cover it b/c of it being medically necessary). It is called Neocate. You can search it online. I didn't want to have to switch to that unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately it takes time to find just the right formula. I know that Nestle has some "broken" down formulas, but they are the Whey protein, and other companies use the Casein. Good luck. I know how hard this is. ;)

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