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Oct 30, 2007
DS had his 4 month checkup yesterday. He got 5 vaccines (4 shots & 1 oral) and we got the go ahead to add cereal. I got an information sheet on it whcih said that the cereal was to be spoon fed and could be mixed with apple juice, breastmilk, formula, or water. It also said that they recommend using apple juice, for nutritional reasons, but that any of the listed options were appropriate. So I figured, well if it's healthier I ought to use apple juice. I mixed it up and he ate it. He got a total of about 2 tablespoons between 2 feedings. Last night I noticed a rash starting to appear on his face and in his diaper area. Today it's worse, it is on his thighs and around on his hiney and also on his chest and neck and is spreading onto his belly.
I all ready stopped mixing the cereal with apple juice. He hasn't had any today. I mixed it with water instead. All day it's just been getting worse though. He's also incredibly irritable and bawls and arches his back after every bottle, even though his ped increased his Zantac AND had me add cereal to his formula to thicken it.
My question is, is the rash and irritability more likely from the vaccines or the cereal? I know the rash could be from the juice still and just taking time to clear up, but that wouldn't explain the sudden crankiness and screaming. I'm just looking for someone else's input. If it's not better in a couple more days I'm switching to Barley to see if its the rice or not.
Re: Rash
Oct 30, 2007
It is really RARE to have them allergic to Rice, but possible. It sounds like it is more likely the apple juice. I would mix his cereal with formula. This is what I do (which doesn't mean it is the best thing, but he likes the formula anyway). I would call your ped ASAP, b/c spreading rashes could be a reaction from his shots as well. Just curious did he get a synagis shot? Hunter did, and so I saw you said 4 shots, and that is what he got as well. What oral vaccination did he get? I have just never heard of an oral one. That would be a MUCH easier way to give them! LOL! I hope his rash gets better. And if you just give a call to your doc, it may help. ;)
Re: Rash
Oct 30, 2007

My pediatrician told me to only introduce one new thing at a time when starting foods/juices. Has your baby ever had apple juice before or cereal? if not, then I would discontinue both of them and just stick to formula for about a week or until the rash disappears fully. Then, I would start with the cereal first and mix it with the formula, wait 3-4 days and see how he reacts to it and if he is ok then introduce the apple juice again.

When introducing foods you are suppposed to do one thing at a time and wait 3-4 days in between before giving something new. I hope this helps!

Good luck!

Re: Rash
Oct 30, 2007
If you haven't given your little one apple juice prior to this, then you may want to hold off giving it to him in his cereal. As I'm sure you know, it's best to try new things one at a time so you know if there will be a reaction to it, so trying juice with a cereal - two new items, can make it tough to know what the problem is. I know people who have mixed cereal with applesauce, but didn't know juice was an option. The juice may be too acidic for your little one right now. Once the rash goes away, you could try just mixing it with breast milk or formula.

I'd suggest calling the doctor as well if it continues.

Good luck.

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