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how old is baby? a lot of times, if baby isn't sleeping well at night, it's due to teething, hunger, or being overly tired from not enough sleep. what is baby's day like?
A baby who sleeps well during their daytime naps will sleep better of an evening ....

my baby boy is 6 months old and I swear, it seem's like he's NEVER awake!

His routine is;

6am - wake up.
8.30 am - sleep until 11.00 am.
12.30 pm - sleep till 2.30 pm.
4.30 pm - sleep till 5.00 pm.
7.00pm bed until 6am.

So, that's just a loose guide for a 6month old .... but it depends on how old your baby is ... if younger - then probably more sleep, if older probably a bit less.
I agree, keeping a baby awake does not make him sleep better at night. In fact, it makes him more restless and it's actually harder to sleep at night.

Again, this depends on the age too. As my daughters got older (post nap age), I wouldn't let them fall asleep in the later afternoon because it did affect nighttime sleep. But you're saying "baby", so keeping them awake usually doesn't work.

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