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oh Sherri i really do feel for you and your little man, i feel the same way with my son, when he was 12 days old he had an allergic reaction to wet wipes and came up in yellow blisters all over his head, they took forever to go, then he developed eczema, and he got it pretty bad, he has had it everywhere, weeping and infected since about 8 weeks old (he's almost 7 months) despite many , many trips to the dr they couldnt get it under control. then saturday before last he was admitted to hospital cause he had a really bad infection in his eye (he looked like he had been punched) but it was serious and needed to be treated within 4 hours as left longer can cause meningitis. so he was there for 3 days, because of that he was referred to the dermatologist and slowly but surely his eczema is getting under control,,,,, i can actually see his face without big red infected patches.
im sorry i cant give any advice on how to help your little man feel better but i just wanted to say i feel your frustration, its so hard to see your baby like that and you want to make things better for them and when you cant you feel sooo bad.
oh i dont know if you can get it where you are but we use a thing called baby balsam, you rub it on your chest and it helps you to breathe, and you can also get things that plug into a socket and releases menthol vapours all night.

i really do hope your little one feels better soon x

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