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My little one is almost seven months old and is pretty much wearing 12 month clothes. She's got chubby little thighs that resemble drumsticks. I found adjustable waist jeans (at Target) which help get them on easily over her thighs and then hook smaller around the waist. The 12 month jeans are too long, but I just roll them up a bit and they look just fine. I expect that when she starts crawling soon she will slim down quite a bit.
My 4 mth old is wearing 12 mth clothes. He is 26.5 inches long, and most of the pants in the 6mth range only reach his calves! I also can only buy elastic waist cotton pants, because his belly is so round he has a hard time fitting in jeans and such. We refer to him as little buddha.:D
i completely know what you mean! my babygirl is 8 months and is in 18 months clothes! and we'll see how long that lasts! everything is sooo long on her! pants wise. in shirts she can fit in 12 months. she doesn't even look fat really just healthy but her thunder thighs are huge! i want to put her in little jeans so bad(adorable) but she only fits in sweats! they should come out with a "chubby baby" clothes line! whoever does will break the bank! because now days we all really know how to keep our babies healthy! good luck with you little girl
WOO HOO, so on my endless search for jeans to fit my little buddha, I have finally found some that fit!!! They are by Pumpkin Patch, and have an adjustable waistband, like they make for toddlers, but these are for infants. I have tested them, and they actually fit around his belly. YAY!!!

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