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I have the complete opposite problem. To get pants long enough, they are falling off of DS because he's so skinny. He's 24.5in and 12lbs 5oz. He can wear NB pants, which fit perfectly in the waste but needs 0-3 month for the length. It's CRAZY! Anyway, I'm getting my mom to make him some clothes. That way she can use the length for 0-3 month but make them tiny enough in the waste.
[QUOTE=2fast4u;3287618]Anyone else having trouble finding clothes that fit their chubby baby? DD is 9 months, I bought her 18 & 24 months clothes for this winter. All the 18 months stuff is too tight on her, although it fits length wise in the arms and legs. 2T fits her but is way too long. The sleeves hang way past her hands and as she crawls she has a mile of pants following her. She needs plus size :D for baby's or something. Her thighs and butt are pretty large. I am so pissed I got to go out and buy her more winter clothes now. Those 18 months things are never going to make it if they are too tight now. Any one else feel my pain here? It's not like I can put her on a diet.[/QUOTE]

i [I]do[/I] feel your pain!!! i have h*** trying to find clothes to fit my older daughter! she isn't chubby, she's freaking tall!!! but not your traditional tall, she's super long in her torso, but has just slightly longer than average sized legs.... so at 18 months, i was buying her 3t shirts, but still bought 18-24 month pants! at 2-3 years old, the poor kid was wearing 4-5t tops, and 2t-3t bottoms and size 4-5t dresses. and now, at almost 4, she's in size 6 tops, but size 4t bottoms are 1/4 inch too short, and 5t bottoms are about 3 inches too long, and if i buy her dresses long enough, the tops of the dresses are way too huge on her!!!! ARGH!!!

who knew buying children's clothes could be so stressful???!!!???

but don't throw out those 18-24 month clothes yet! once your baby starts really moving (crawling, standing, walking, running....), she might lose some of that baby fat and could possibly fit into some of those clothes! it happened with two of my nieces....

before you go crazy on a whole new wardrobe, i'd recommend that you go to walmart and/or target and grab just a few things off their less expensive clothes racks - walmart has the $2.88 tops and bottoms, and they also have tops and bottoms for either $3.50 or $4.50 (can't remember) and target has them for $3.77. and even though their inexpensive, they wear just as well as those expensive stores' clothes do (i think target holds up slightly better than walmart though!)! plus, a lot of places will have after season sales going on (you could get a few short sleeved shirts and pair them with a long sleeve top for cold days....). don't go crazy, just get a few tops and bottoms that are roomy enough for her, and then hem up what needs to be hemmed (you can find cheat and get some iron-on seam bonding tape at walmart or any craft store if you don't like to sew!). then give her some time and see if she doesn't slim down over the next few months as she is moving more.... :)

***and if you just get bored with the plain tops and bottoms, and you're even slightly crafty, you can turn a plain solid colored t-shirt into a "designer" top by cutting up some cute fabric, and use some wonder-under to iron it onto the top. then to reinforce it, you can either stitch around the outside, or use fabric paint to outline it. it's super easy (i am NOT crafty and i can do this!), and doesn't take long to do at all! then just to get super ambitious, you can decorate her pants to match! my oldest is obsessed with horses, but i can't afford to go and spend $20 buying her a horse outfit, so i got some horse fabric and cut out a horse and put it on a t-shirt, added a ribbon, and it's so cute! she absolutely loves it, and it cost me less than $5! :)

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