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Hi all,

I've been having problems with putting my ds down for naps and for bedtime now for a few months... He's now 6 months old and for probably almost a month, I've been letting him CIO at naptime and bedtime until he goes to sleep (I do go in every 5 minutes to check on him, pat his bum or rub his back, etc.). He normally will only cry for somewhere inbetween 5 and 10 minutes before going to sleep, but he does this probably 7 out of 10 times. I thought it would improve after a week or so, but it doesn't seem to be. He did get his 2 top teeth in about a week ago, so I know that was affecting him for some of the time but it can't be the reason he's been so difficult for SO long about this! I always worry that there is something wrong with him because he really cries--he screams and turns red and is just extremely upset... He won't sleep on his back, so he's a hard-core tummy sleeper, and has never had any problems with reflux so I don't think that's the problem... I wonder if it's purely behavioral? Any ideas on what I should do? Also, he's been waking up a LOT during the night, probably every 3 hours or so (this has been going on for a couple weeks at least--I've lost track). I think I'm going to lose my mind from lack of sleep! For a couple days now I've been just leaving him to cry in the middle of the night because I don't want him to think I will always come and feed/cuddle him at all hours of the night--I am DESPERATE to get this kid sleeping at least 6-7 hours straight. And advice about this?

Whiskers :confused:

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