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my first was sitting up around 6 months, clapping around 7 months old, and waving bye around 8 months old, and was talking up a storm by the time she was 10 months old (now, her dad and i were pretty much the only ones who could actually understand what she was saying, but she was talking!), and she was walking at 10 months too.....

my second..... well, she started rolling around 6 months, she was army crawling around 9 months.... really can't remember because i think i was so freaked out and panicked about her because she didn't keep up with any of her sister's milestones, that i blocked most of that time out.... LOL! seriously though, i tried hand clapping games with her ALL the time, and NOTHING! i repeated my name ("say MOMMY!") to her constantly, and she'd grin big and say DADDY! i really started to think she might have some sort of brain damage brought about by.... well there's a whole huge list of things my imagination came up with.... did i get off my ADD medication in time (you know, before i knew i was pregnant with her), was it all that taco bell i ate while pregnant, did i not take enough vitamins, did i spend too much time in the sun, did my hair color damage her somehow, what about the fumes from my hair spray? did her sister jump on her head or feed her something poisonous and brain damaging when i wasn't looking...... yeah, a little panicky and over-reacting, i know! :)

so, after months and months of devastation and disappointment from the daily hand clapping games and "say mommy!" sessions with absolutely no results (except she'd say "DADDY!!!"), i finally gave up. i got bitter and cynical at every single cutesy little chubby faced cherub who clapped at me with that big "look what i can do and your kid can't!" grin on their smug little faces. those "precious" little angels were viciously rubbing salt in my wounds and they knew it! i wanted to shove dirty old socks into the mouths of those smirking little showoffs when they looked up at their mommy's and gleefully yelled out "MOMMY!" while my child would just look at me like, who the heck are you and say, "DADDY!"

and don't even get me started on the mothers of those little know it alls! those mothers.... with their seemingly innocent, "oh,isn't that precious? she calls you daddy..." i knew they were just rubbing it in that their kid was a genius and mine was brain damaged. i could just hear them all gossiping together at play group, "poor thing, her kid can't even clap.... must have been all those carbs she consumed when she was pregnant.... i heard that her baby thinks she's her daddy.... how sad! that's what happens when you miss your three month check up!" okay, so i didn't actually [I]hear[/I] them, but i bet that's what they were saying!!!

but suddenly, somewhere between 15 and 18 months, as i was wallowing in the very depths of my despair at being such a failure of a mother, my sweet little daughter decided i had suffered enough. she walked over to me, took my face in her little hands and said, "wub oo mommy." and all of a sudden, she could do all these new tricks. it was amazing! it was like this explosion of learning that just seemed to happen overnight.... but how could that be? i'd given up. i'd quit trying to teach her anything. my other daughter was too caught up with big girl things to bother with her baby sister, so where did all these new tricks come come from??? who has been teaching my daughter???? but wait a minute, these weren't new tricks. they're old tricks. they're all the old tricks i'd been drilling into her daily for months....

and suddenly i realized that my sweet little daughter isn't brain damaged, she's just that pain in the butt, "i'll do what i want, WHEN i want, IF i want, and you CANNOT make me do it any sooner!" kind of a kid.... she's not brain damaged, she's a freaking genius! i can't believe all the hoops she had me jumping through because i was so blinded by my desperate ambition just to get the kid to clap her hands!!!

okay, there is a point to all this rambling nonsense.... it sounds like your daughter is extremely smart. let her develop at her own pace and don't worry about the one thing she isn't doing. sometimes i think they hold back (like i swear mine did) because sometimes it's just way more entertaining and rewarding to watch mommy getting desperate....

so don't freak out or panic or do the "shake-a-shake-a-booty" dance in the middle of the mall because the picture people guy said it would be cute if she clapped her hands in this picture and when you said she doesn't clap the picture people guy gave you a look of disdain and said, "oh all babies can clap," and in your desperation to get her to clap, you remembered that once she almost sort of looked like she might've thought about clapping when you did the "shake-a-shake-a-booty" dance at home..... because i promise, you'll be doing the "shake-a-shake-a-booty" dance until your booty falls off and the only thing you'll get out of your sweet little innocent baby is that "what the heck is your problem???" look that she will keep in every single picture they take of her that day.... (oh man, do i dread puberty!!!!)

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