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I agree with MCR also. my son is one and I was feeling the same way at nine months. Its funny though how suddenly he seemed to mature within just a few months and suddenly his needs changed. At nine months we were doing bottles throughout day and I couldn't imagine how I could change that. But as he began cruising then walking around 11-12 months suddenly his energy needs changed. HE began eating and wanting much more table foods and not finishing bottles. The more food I introduced the less hungry he was for the formula. One thing I did was once he really started eating table foods as meals, I tried to cut out all of the middle of the day bottles and make sure he was hungry by meal and snack time. We did morning and before bed until 12 or 13 months now we just do bed.

It took him awhile to learn to use and enjoy the sippy cup but now loves it. Hates milik in it and all cold milk. I do one bottle a night still while I rock him and warm it. HE loves it. Mornings he loves juice. He drinks a lot of water and juice. I dilute the juice so much that it is practically water. I make sure he eats plenty of dairy foods instead he loves cheese, yogurt and loves milk in his cheerios/rice krispies.

I researched the concerns about bottles and I think a lot of it has to do with babies who are let to drink bottles in cribs and fall asleep and milk pools in mouth causing tooth decay. Also, babies who drink laying down can contribute to ear infections.

I was very reluctant to give up formula I felt like that was all his nutrients and vitamins. But at 14 months he is eating 3 good meals a day and a snack and drinks plenty. I am so glad to not have to spend the money anymore. I couldn't continue breastfeeding due to medical issues, so I hated having to use the formula to begin with. Funny how I had a hard time letting it go in the end.

Good luck and just pay attention to your baby and his cues. Every kid is different.

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