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i started both of mine on cheerios around 6-7 months.... i started with the honeynut kind, because that's what we had (they're my favorite), but i don't recommend it! they make for some VERY sticky hands!!! plain cheerios worked great though!

we also did the fruit puffs, but they liked the cheerios better.... i think something about the hardness of the cheerios felt good on their gums....

cheese is okay to give, but i wouldn't do much because it can be constipating

raisins are okay depending on the baby.... some (my oldest) do fine with it and get that whole chewing up the food thing, while others (my youngest) will try to swallow them whole and gag on them!

another great finger snack is the baby goldfish! i haven't met a baby yet who doesn't love baby goldfish!!

everything else that was posted here is all stuff we've tried, and i can't think of anything that my girls haven't loved or that they had choking issues with.

as far as bananas go, i always cut them into quarters lengthwise, and then chopped them up.... did that make sense? so a regular round slice would fall into quarters.... and if that seemed too big (cause i don't always cut straight), i'd just chop them smaller.... i like the "big as a cheerio" rule someone else mentioned here....

i also chopped up apples into tiny little bitty pieces (no peel!), like [I]maybe[/I] an eighth of an inch big.... and my youngest went CRAZY for them!!!

just don't go crazy with the finger foods yet. 6 months is still young enough that you want to stick with slowly introducing new foods, and watch for allergies. if you did nothing but cheerios and maybe goldfish for a month, he'd still be thrilled with it every single time you gave it to him!!!

and if your child is at all sensitive in his tummy, don't overdo the cheerios. my oldest ate cheerios all day long and they never bothered her, but my youngest got fairly constipated and we realized it was all the cheerios she was eating! we started giving her equal amounts of raisins with her cheerios, plus more juice, and it solved the problem....

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