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My dd is three months and her cheeks seem to always be red. She is also a drooling fool! I never figured that her skin was related to teething because she also has eczema, but maybe...It is quite humorous to see such pink cheeks! ;)
I think part of it is I have looked closely at his skin and it is really chapped. I thought possibly that it is hives (as I just started applesauce with him the day before), but it is gone now for the most part. I also thought maybe he had caught DD's pink eye (she had that earlier...and I did my BEST to keep her hands off from him---virtually impossible), but his eyes don't seem to be effected. I am keeping watch of this. I bought some Aveeno baby cream for his face....will let you all know how this works (it is supposed to be for eczema). I am used to the rosy cheeks (DD STILL gets them, and she has eczema too), but the nose threw me. Seriously Santa! LOL!;)

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