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Hi cmarie,

On the formula making issue. We use the similac powder formula and this is how I do it. At first I boiled the water and my pediatrician kinda laughed at me, she told me that we could just use bottled water. Well, I feel like the bottled water is really tap water (on the news lately) so we buy distilled water gallons which is so much easier than boiling the water. We keep it at room temperature and a gallon lasts about a week long.

The big cans of formula last us about a week but Elliana is now 7 months old so it may last a little longer for you. However, I think we have been on a can a week for awhile. She drinks about 30oz of formula a day (plus eats food) so maybe that will give you a little idea. The thing is I dont know how many scoops etc you need for your formula. Ours is half as many scoops as water ounces. So if you need 4oz of formula fill the water in the bottle FIRST, then add the 2 scoops of formula. If you put the formula in first then you won't have an accurate water meaurement.

Honestly, It is so much cheaper buying the powder than the ready to serve similac!!!! I used that at first and it was ridiculous which is why we switched.

I am so happy that your liitle one has had some relief with the new formula.:) I would still call your pediatrician tomorrow.

So, how are you holding up? Are you exhausted? How is little Olivia sleeping. I miss those days when they are so little and they sleep in your arms. My little one is so big already....I cant believe it. She just started crawling on friday and she is hard to keep up with! ha! It's so much fun.

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