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Hi Heyknack,
Wow, what a story! Thank you for sharing. I am definitley going to call my ped. tomorrow to discuss this with him. I can't believe how the Enfamil Gentlease worked. I will start with that one for sure. Now, is it correct that it only comes in powder form? That kinda sucks because I have been using the Similac Advance ready to feed and it is so convenient. How do you prepare the you use nursery you have to boil or use the water cold? I feel like I would worry that I am not preparing it correctly. How long does the 24 oz. can last you? When you use the powder, how do you travel and prepare it?

Sorry for so many questions! I just really appreciate your insights and experience with all of this. I don't think that our situation is as severe as with your DD, but I feel awful when the baby is sound asleep and all of a sudden she starts screaming and her face gets all red. I am not sure what is going on. She was 3 weeks old yesterday and I could only assume it is the formula. She is so gassy and stinky:( She poops maybe once a day. All this mommy stuff is making me so nervous, I guess the worry never stops:)

Thanks for your help!

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