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We had our first child almost 5 weeks ago 7lbs 11oz 19". At the hospital they advised us to feed 1oz of formula (Enfamil), by the time we left on the 2nd day he was up to 2oz. After the first week he was up to 4oz per feeding every 3 1/2-4hrs. You can almost set your clock to him, it's every 3 1/2-4hrs from the last time he woke up, not once we get him to bed. After 2 weeks he was up to 4-6oz per feeding but started getting gassy, and fussy, so we switched the formula to Enfamil's "Gentlease" which has seemed to be ok. At 3-4 weeks he was up to 4-10oz per feeding.

The problem we are having is once we get over about 5-6oz of formula in him per feeding he'll throw up/spit up. And when he throws up he's usually awake again and hungry. So what my wife has been doing is feeding him less than he wants, and supplementing that by holding a pacifier in his mouth (he sucks so hard he launches it out in 2 seconds if you don't hold it) for approx a hour till he falls alseep. I on the other hand will feed him more as I don't like the pacifier and want to get him to sleep. He still has gas problems as he is very, very hard to burp, but seems less fussy now, just expells lots of gas out the back end.

We are both dragging our tails, my wife is a napper so she can catch up, but once I wake up I don't get any sleep till it's time for bed again.
It takes at least a hour to change him and feed him, then if we have to keep him calm for another hour or so, that doesn't leave much time till he wakes up again in a couple hours.

My next door neighbor said that she started adding in cereal at 1 month per her Dr's advice, but that was 30yrs ago, and I know that's not common today. The reason was to get something a little more "heavy" into the belly.

Being we have so much food going in there's a ton coming out which has lead to a few bouts of diaper rash, but we have finally got a mix that seems to get that under control pretty quick. We are changing approx 9-12 diapers a day, and we should be doing more but it's kind of a vicious circle. If we wake him to change him, he's hungry again, and in goes that much more food. :dizzy:

I am sure that most of this is the trials and tribulations of a newborn, but is there any advice that could ease some of this :)

Let me know you thoughts :)

Thanks in advance!

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