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Definitely cut out the dairy. My ped. told me that it can take up to two weeks for the enzyme that breaks down lactose to rebuilds itself. So we put our kids on lactose free milk for a week or so after diarrhea. I remember thinking my daughter was fine, so we started her on milk again, only to have the diarrhea start back up. The lactose free really helped.

Have you used probiotics? That helps replace the digestive enzymes that get stripped with diarrhea. I've never used them until my 18 month old son recently had a stomach bug and it really works. There's a brand called Culturelle that is sold with the Imodium and similiar products at the pharmacy. It's actually made for babies and children. There's also ones you can buy in health food aisle at the grocery story. I got mine in this refridgerated compartment. It's a capsule that you open and put the powder on applesauce on in their drink. Ped told me to just put in it one tablespoon full with some type of food. She also highly recommended to give it our daughter once a day when she was on antibotics for an ear infection, since antibotics can cause diarrhea. Check with your ped first, but it's safe and really works and can be used even with smaller babies. Good luck, I know it's frustrating.

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