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Hello! My DS is on this stuff, and it is AMAZING! I love it, all but the smell! It is horrible! LOL! But you get used to it. I had my son early as well, he was a 31 weeker. At 6 weeks he was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. He was bleeding in his stool. So, first we tried Enfamil Nutramigen (Alimentum's counterpart) and it worked to clear up the blood, but gave him ALOT of gas and he ended up with a huge bloody rash!! This rash lasted another 6 weeks while I tried (including docs instructions) every cream on the market! Nothing worked, and I finally talked my gastro into switching formulas. I switched to the Alimentum, and the rash cleared within a week! He is less gassy, fussy and upset. Back then, I could literally feel the gas working in his tummy, and now, nothing. He is a great baby now! His reflux has almost cleared up as well. He is now 5 1/2 months old, (3 1/2 adj) and he is doing so great. I highly recommend this formula. He is growing and doing great on it! The only downfall is the price, and if you get WIC, this helps ALOT! If you don't, I would call the company, get samples from your doc, and check the interent (just be aware of scammers that sell out of date stuff!) and try to get the best deal. Have Similac send you coupons. I get WIC, so I get 8 cans free a month, but after that, if I need more, I have to buy it myself. I am holding on to ALL the similac coupons I get for the future! Good luck. I REALLY pray that this will help your DD, and I am sure it will....remember that it takes about 2 weeks for a formula to work 100%. ;)

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