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Okay. I don't remember what I did with DD, but with DS (who is 5 1/2 months....3 1/2 months adj) I started on Rice cereal. You can just start with a tiny amount (usually there are recommendations on the box) like a tsp. Mix it so the consistancy is very runny....for the first few feeds, then you gradually increase it until it is baby food consistancy (or thicker, as my DS likes). I usually feed him the full 1/4 cup serving amount once a day about 6pm and I mix it with 1/3 jar of fruit/veggies. I am going to be increasing his intake to breakfast (9am) and dinner at about 6 months. Then I will probably increase it to 3x's a day at 8months. I try to give the cereal/food in between formula feeds so that he still gets the required formula. PLUS I make the cereal with formula, you could use breastmilk. I would just go with her. She will let you know how much she wants. Your instincts will help you too. Once she is gobbling down the whole amount you give her, gradually increase the amount. I hope this helps you! I am sure you/she will do just fine!;)

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