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Newborn weight gain
Nov 27, 2007
Hi all. I am new to this board but know many of you from the pregnancy board. I just delivered my baby girl about 2 weeks ago. She was born 2 weeks early and weighed 5lb 13oz. She dropped to 5lb 9oz at discharge. She weighed the same at her first pediatrician appt 4 days after birth and in the next week she only gained 2 oz. The doctor didn't seem too concerned but suggested we increase the amount of formula she is taking in and to chart how much she is eating/ peeing/ pooping to see calories in vs calories out. The pediatrician recommended 3 oz per feeding but we're lucky if she takes 2 oz. I've just been trying to get her to eat more often. She is alert and is definitely wetting and soiling enough diapers daily. We go back Friday to see if she has at least gotten back up to her birth weight. I am thinking that she is just petite and is growing on her own scale. She has been smaller than average since I was 29 weeks preggo and she was born smaller than average. She will be 1 day past two weeks when we go back this Friday.. Has anyone else had any issues with weight gain in the beginning? How did it turn out and what did they do for your baby?Thanks for any info.:)
If the doctor isn't showing great concern then I wouldn't either. DS was a 34weeker and was born at 4lbs 6oz. He only gained 3oz in the 10 days he was in the hospital. At his first weight check, 2 days after discharge, he still hadn't gained. We had him on expressed breastmilk with added powdered infant formula to increase his caloric intake without increasing the volume. We kept upping and upping the calories to the point that it was too rich and he couldn't tolerate it and then we had to drop back to the highest amount he'd previously tolerated.
The only thing that worked for him to gain weight well was to take him off breastmilk and put him on formula exclusively. He's still on a 24cal diet @ 5 months, but is growing well.
But, as I said, until your doctor shows concern, I wouldn't worry too much.

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