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I'm pretty sure my sons fell off within two weeks. How are you cleaning it? I know it varies between dr's, but my dr. told us to put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on it to dry it up and to make sure we get the base really good. Maybe it's just not completely dry yet. I don't think there's anything wrong if it's still on at 3 weeks but you could just call the dr and ask. Just make sure not to mess with it, obviously. :)
My oldest daughter had her's for 7 weeks!! Quite annoying. With my second, our ped said the same thing as the previous poster....don't clean it with every diaper change. Just like twice a day. Supposedly the bacteria helps it fall off. I think with my second and third, it fell off in about two weeks.
eeew! i HATED the umbilical stump! so gross! with my first, it fell off within the 7-10 days (can't recall), but it took a lot longer with my second (again, can't recall how long). it was such a pain because she was all covered in dry skin and yucky stuff and i just wanted to give her a good regular bath.... not my favorite phase of new babies! anyway, i'd check with the doctor if you're worried, but it sounds like it's pretty normal. :)

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