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I am so frustrated. My 5, almost 6, month old gets terribly sick whenever he eats milk or soy formula, so he's on Nutramigen, which works fine for him.
Last month I introduced cereals, and that was just BAD:

Unfortunately rice made his reflux a lot worse.

So then I tried barley cereal which made him vomit until I stopped using it. I let him start feeling better and tried again, just to be sure, and sure enough, he started vomiting again.

So then we tried oatmeal. After a couple days he got a rash, which continued to get worse as we kept using the oatmeal. So, I took the oatmeal away and let it clear up. Then I gave it back and the rash came back, along with diarrhea and vomiting, which continued for 2 days after stopping the oatmeal. I thought maybe it was a stomach virus (I was being optimistic) and gave the oatmeal back a third time after he was feeling better and within 4 hours there was mucus in his stool again. He started vomiting that night and now, 2 days later, still has diarrhea and is irritable.

So my question is what do I do? I mean, I know talk to the doctor, but what do I ask for? A referral to a GI, an allergist, both?
I'm terrified to start fruits and veggies. How long can I put that off? Should he see a specialist before we give him anything else?
He has an appt w/ his ped in 2 weeks and I FULLY intend to discuss all of this, and my fears to proceed any further.

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