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It's not normal for the spit up/vomit to come up through the nose. It's a sign or reflux, allergy or both. DS would projectile vomit. It came out anywhere it could get through, including the nose. He was apparantly allergic to milk. Well, first the dr said intolerant, but he reacts to a lot of other things, so we think maybe an actual allergy now. So, he's on a hypo-allergenic formula now, as soy didn't help at all. As a matter of fact, it actually made things worse.
He's also on Zantac for reflux. It took a month, and LOTS of patience (ok, I didn't do well in the patience department, LOL) and the addition of Thick It to every bottle (for the purpose of thickening the formula) to finally get it under control, and now he's a happy baby again. The Nutramigen made the vomiting practically disappear, and thickening his bottles has all but erased spitting up. He's doing wonderfully in that dept, until recently, but that's another post I'm about to make for myself.
So, anyway, I suggest you call a doc. You can get the formula changed, if she's formula fed, without a visit to the dr.

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