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Help with pumping
Jan 1, 2008
Hi ladies
I am exclusivly breastfeeding. I am not really having any trouble with him eating but I would like to be able to feed him from a bottle or at least have some stored for when we go out etc... I find I can't really pump anything. He drains me dry. In the past I would pump in the morning and get 5 oz. But now everytime I try and pump, even if I know my breast is full I can't get anything out. I think right now he may be staring a growth spurt, so that could be why he is draining me dry. He is 4 1/2 months old. I tried the rice cereal and he did gobble most of it up and then he was fussy all night long. I think it really didn't agree with him. My doc wanted me to wait another couple of weeks at least before giving him cereal so I am going to wait until after I see him again. Anyways my question is when should I pump? If I pump and he eats is he going to get any milk after? How can I increase my milk supply so that I can pump? Thanks everyone for your help. Sherri :)
By the way he is not starving or anything I am producing enough as he is 20lbs and only 4 1/2 months old. It seems like I am only producing just what he needs and nothing more. ;)

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