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the barium swallow is more upsetting for us than for them. i was in the room while they did kenzies. she was very upset to be strapped down but she drank the barium like a champ. i think at that point they have been kept wihtout food for so long that they will eat anything!

our first GI always said "its normal, babies spit up" and i hated that answer. even if it is the case you want something more comforting than that. Something to ask your pediatrician is if you should see a feeding specialist. they are expensive but she could help if olivia is gulping. they work with the babies on their suck and swallow skills. Now that kenzie has been getting a feeding tube for so long we have to work with a suck and swallow specialist everyday because she has pretty much lost her reflex.

elecare and neocate do only come in powder form which stinks. i am so nervous about how different waters affect kenzie and how if even a little of the powder spills shes not getting what she needs which is so important for her right now. so i totally understand your concerns. im prettyy sure you can just buy the elecare but i wouldnt just switch formulas without consulting a GI. one thing we know is that all the switching the other hospital did wound up doing more harm than good for kenzie. you might want to ease olivia into a new formula like they do for us here rather than shocking her system. we have had to keep kenzie without any food at all twice now for 48 hours. its been total torture.

also as much as you hear not to... i have GI issues myself and know that if im lying on my belly it helps with thegas. I do it with kenzie and it def makes her tummy get a bit of relief. im sure theyve told you this already but get a wedge for the bed for the reflux to keep her elevated. buy one of those bouncy seats and have her sit in it a lot during the day and never ever keep her in the carseat longer than needed. it pushes the feet into a position that causes more reflux. 1 or 2 times a day really isnt bad as much as it is sad for you to watch her go through. we were going thrrough 10 - 15 big vomits everday plus diarrhea which resulted in a lot of laundry!!!!

i forget the other medicine for reflux but from what ever dr has told me... neither do much help. we have kenzie on .5 3x a day.

hang in there. you may never get answers (we havent) but the good thing with reflux is that they grow out of it! it just is so sad to watch them go through pain now.

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