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We tried all the formulas as well. We had better luck on Nutramigen than we did on the Alimentum, but still not 100%. My daughter reacted to the Nutramigen oddly - she got what looked like a terrible diaper rash from it. We saw a pediatric GI and he told us it was definitely her reacting to the formula. We ended up on the prescribed formulas (both Neocate and Elecare) and she was 100 times better and finally a happy baby who didn't suffer from pain anymore. It's definitely worth seeing a pediatric GI (or even asking your pediatrician about a prescribed formula) because I remember how horrible horrible horrible her pain was and it stopped immediately once we found the right formula.

Although some people tell you to stay on a formula for weeks, I don't believe that. Our GI told us you can tell the difference in a matter of days - and trust me, when you find the right formula you will know immediately. ...and as for the Mylicon drops, they didn't help my little one at all either.

Best of luck to you - I know this is such a difficult time. Hang in there, you will find the right formula and things will get better. :)

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