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My DS used to get dry patchy skin on his cheeks, and on his body so I took him to the doctor because I was concerned about it and the doctor told me it was eczema so he prescribed me some hydrocordizone lotion to rub on it and sure enough it went away within a week or so. I also make sure to use lots of moisturizing lotion when he gets out of the bath or comes in from outside when its cold, and that seems to help a lot too.

I am having a problem with my DD right now too, because she won't eat food anymore at all. But with my son I always put cereal in his fruits and veggies, or I mixed it with a little bit of juice, he wouldn't eat it without anything in it!
I also gave him fruits and veggies without cereal too, but I usually put cereal in his food because it would fill him up better.

Sippy Cups! LOL...With both of my kids I started giving them a sippy cup as soon as they could hold there bottles by themselves(DS 5 months, DD 6 months) and I ONLY put water, or juice(1/2 Juice 1/2 Water) in it, and their bottle is ONLY for milk. And I think that is the best thing I ever did, because my DS was 13 months old when I got rid of his bottle and he didn't even care! It was so much easier on me, because I was afraid he wouldn't give it up and drink from a bottle forever, but NOPE he didn't care at all! So I think it's important to try and keep trying, but the more your DD likes her cup the easier it will be for you to get rid of her bottle.

Hope I helped a little bit!
Hey Delia- I was also on the July mommies thread on the pregnancy board, how's your Ella doing? My Ella is fantastic! Also 6 months and growing like a weed :D

I haven't yet introduced a sippy cup, honestly I hadn't even thought abot it until I read your post, and now that you mention it, I may try it...Also, we haven't introduced juice yet. When did you do that (now I feel like the mom with all the questions).

Ella eats fruit with cereal, I don't even try to give her the plain stuff anymore (although she probably would eat it) because she gets fruit at the same feeding, it's easiest for me to just mix them together (and saves time in the morning while we're rushing to daycare and work) ;)

Also- my Ella has dry skin as well, it is worse when it's cold, we've used vaseline since she was about 3 months old. It works really well for her, I put it on every night after her bath (or if it's a no-bath night, then while she's getting ready for bed). I also have to put vaseline on her back and her elbows (they also have eczema (sp?)

Hope all is well. I can't imagine having baby #2 right now, I love Ella and I'm thrilled for her to have siblings, but whew things are so crazy right now...taking 2 to daycare might just be the straw that breaks that camel's back!


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