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Aquaphor is good to use on dry skin and you can buy it at almost any drug store. It's not as slick and messy as Vaseline. I used it on my daughter because she had dry skin and heat rash a lot as a baby. Also, plain ol' A&D Ointment (the kind you use for diaper rash) is good for dry skin too. Just be careful not to use around the eyes.

About the rice cereal: yes, it's true that you need to give them iron, but i mixed it with fruit for all of my kids because they hated the taste, too, and they're all still alive. I think I even mixed it with apple juice... and you can use formula to mix it up, too. Maybe if you try it very watered down.

Also, the sippy cup comes when they're ready, whether it's 6 months, 7 months, whenever. If your baby is not ready, she won't want it, but it's good to introduce it to her, just not force it on her. My son is 10 months and still doesn't show interest in a sippy cup, but he's a breastfed baby. He's on his own timeline. As long as your baby is getting enough nutrients in formula and baby food, she'll be fine. There's no need to worry about when everyone else's baby is drinking out of a cup. It'll come with time.

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