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:confused: I am so stressed out and worried about my 8 month old that I don't know what to do. I started giving her cereal and baby food at about 5 months or so, and she would eat it. So I fed her 3 times a day(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) but now she won't eat! I thought as they get older they eat more, but now she won't eat at all, she gets so upset and mad when I try and feed her. Is this normal? Because when my son was a baby he ate everything all the time, and loved food, so this seems very abnormal to me and I am worried about her getting enough nutrients, and if she is healthy enough. Should I take her to the doctor? Has anyone else gone through this? And what did you do? Please help...I am concerned.
I am going through the same thing my baby will be one this month, and she won't eat either and her doctor stated she was getting too much formula she should only get it 3 time a day after she eats. I usually feed her breakfast at 8am and she eats now and then I give her a bottle but around lunch if she refuses the food she does not get a bottle I give her a sippy cup with water until she is ready to eat. Then if she eats a little I try to offer her table food here and there then I finally give her a bottle. Then she eats dinner later that nights again I give her water with her food and a bottle for bed. But if they refuse the milk or they will never eat. Give him or her water and keep trying the food for at least 2 hours and they will get hungry eventually but if you can try to offer them food every 2 hrs and see if you get any results. hope this helps.

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