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My 5 1/2 month old daughter has recently begun spitting up over the last few days. I'm just wondering what's up. We recently started her on oatmeal, so do you think this has something to do with it? Also, I bought a can of Parent's Choice Soy formula (because money was tight). I thought this was basically the same stuff as the Isomil Soy. We have WIC and get the Isomil with this, but it's never enough so we end up buying a few cans. She has never spit up before, which is why it's baffling to me now. She's not fussy, so I don't think it's a tummy ache. Does anyone have any thoughts?
I have a funny feeling it has something to do with the formula. I'm buying a can of the Isomil tomorrow. It's so weird...she's just really "belchy". Sometimes it's just a burp with nothing coming up, sometimes with stuff. I feel rather spoiled because she has RARELY spit up since birth. I'm going to lay off the oatmeal and adjust her back to just the Isomil. What do you think?

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