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So, I'm slowly moving my dd over to whole milk. The doctor said to only offer the whole milk in a sippy cup so we can also start to wean the baby off of bottles. She also said if I put the milk in her bottle she'll associate the milk and bottle and won't take it in a cup. Essentially making it all that much harder to wean her off of the bottle.
BUT, dd won't take formula or milk in a sippy cup. She will only take it in a bottle, so how do I transition her? If I give her only a sippy cup with milk, she'll most likely only get 8 ounces of milk a day, compared to her 16-20 now from the bottle.
How did you all do it? Should I really not put the whole milk in her bottle??
I finally gave up. My DS will only take milk out of his bottle. It's EASY for the DR to say...they don't have to deal with flying sippy cups!!
My DS would have NOTHING to do with Milk in a cup. He'll use the sippy for juice and water, but, No Way, Jose'!!! with the MILK!
My son was more than ready to give us his bottle around 10 months. I was worried he wouldn't take his formula from a sippy so I posted on here a few months ago and someone gave me some really good advice.... give her formula (or milk) in a sippy right when she gets up in the morning, when you know she's really hungry. Worked great for us. He was so hungry first thing in the morning that he didn't care what he drank out of. We used the first years take and toss sippy cups 'cause they are non-spill but are very easy to drink from. Within no time at all we got rid of the bottle. Give it a try and hopefully within a week or so she'll be using a sippy like a pro. I think it really depends on the child though, do what you feel is right for you and your daughter! :)
Did you leave the spout in the sippy cup or take it out? She's been drinking without the spout since I was told to remove it. I'd bet though it the flow was controlled more, she'd drink milk from it cause she wouldn't cough when drinking.
The take and toss don't have spouts in them. They're super cheap. You get a bunch in a package, hence the name... take and toss. :) The flow is very controlled, it doesn't come out 'til they start sucking on it. It's supposed to be non-spill but if it's left on its side or is shaken it will make a mess.

I never liked the idea of taking the spout out of other sippy cups anyway. It just seemed to drown him in whatever was in the cup and made a mess.
Walmart has a brand, Nuby, that I started with because the "sippy" part is silicone and soft. After she learned to like that I transitioned her to firmer sippies with no problem.
Thanks so much for the sippy cup recommendation! There were two kinds; the beginning small cups and the larger intermediate ones. I got both and DD loves the larger ones. She slowly figuring out how to suck on it instead of tilting it back and assuming the liquid will flow right out. But she was excited and now it starting to drink her milk from it. However, she still refuses in the morning and at night to drink from it and wants her bottle.
I'm fine with it since it's the beginning and we're replacing one bottle with a sippy cup at a time.
Thanks again! :cool:
I'm so glad I could help! Aden loved those cups. He got the hang of them really quickly, as I'm sure your daughter will also.
my dd liked the Nuby cup also. She now drinks out of the avent sippy with or without the valve. But we are just now getting her to take milk out of a sippy.

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