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My 6.5 month old DS has had a funny tummy lately. For about a week now. He spits up, well it's not as much as a vomit but more than a spit up, quite a bit. He wont let me feel his gums anymore. He used to open wide when he saw my finger coming at him because he wanted to chew it. Now he purses his lips up tight if I come near his mouth. Also he reallly doesn't want to eat solids anymore. He still has his bottle fine, I mean maybe leaving an ounce here or there. But he doesn't want solids really at all anymore. He also has these crying spells sometimes, where he just start wailing like his in pain and then it stops.
The Dr did say his gums are a little swollen but it's been like a week and no tooth yet. He has no teeth at all yet. Would the first one be really hard one them? Does anyone have any guesses as to what could be going on? Why does he not want solids anymore but will take his bottle? It hasn't affected his sleep...yet. Thank God!
Any ideas or advice would be awsome. I am really confused. :confused:

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