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My DD is 14 months old. She has a rash with tiny bumps (not *****)like dry,not red,same colour as the skin on he back.
She doens't seem bothered by it. She does have eczema patched which come and go. I only use Eucerin and stay wasya from hydrocortisone creams (because of my -ve experiences while weaning off those) but so far it has seem to be ok to stick with Eucerin/Mustella.
But the rash on the back... is it somehting to be concerned about ..
I have left it alone since she doesn't seem bothered by it ..

My baby has a pretty moderate case of eczema. She has the patches, and tiny bumps as well. Her bumps show up all over her body. Her dermatologist says that the little bumps are eczema as well, and that it is called atopic dermatitis. We have had to use the steroid creams, because it flares up and causes her a lot of itching. I was told only to treat the areas with the steroids if the flare ups were bad, other wise just using the Eucerin cream should be sufficient. Although, I would try to identify if there was anything causing the reaction, such as clothing, detergents, enviornment, etc. Hope this helps!

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