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my son is only 14months now and the last week he has has diarrhea very bad i have been changing his dippers every 10-15mins. i have not changed anything that he eats. so im not sure what else to do with all of the pooping its causing him to get a dipper rash really bad. i have been putting a&d on it to help his bottom but it seem not to be working. what else can i do for him?
It sounds like a virus and it is very important you keep your son hydrated. The first time my son had a virus, he had bad diarrhea for almost a week and pooped immediately after he ate anything. We did so much wash that week.

I was told to give him Pedialyte but he wouldn't drink it straight, so we had to mix it with his milk. Do half pedialyte and half milk (or juice) and that should help.

The fluids are so important. How does he seem otherwise? You might want to take him to the doctor just to rule our RSV or something.

For the rash, we sit my son in a bath or baking soda and use a lot of Triple Ointment cream. When chagning the diaper, air dry his bottom or use a hair dryer to get it very dry. I find the baking soda baths help a lot. I sometimes did it after each poop.

Best of luck!
I just went thru this with my 15 month old daughter. We got a nasty stomach bug or something...

Anyway, her's got so bad that it almost started to blister, so I took her to urgent care. They gave me a prescription powder (I think it might have been called Nystin) to use on her at every change. Which I did use, but I also did this...

I made a mixture of mylanta, desitin (overnight kind in purple tube) and hydrocortison creme. If you mix it together it makes thick paste.

I would soak her bum for 20 minutes in the Aveeno bath soak (collodial mineral one), let her air dry for a bit, slap the paste on thick and put the diaper on. My girlfriends and I have done this and it works like a charm.

Her's was caused by a bug, because I got the same thing - and even got the rash to go with it and I never 'sat' in my poop (TMI I know) but you know what I mean. So no wonder her bum was so raw.

OH and this is VERY IMPORTANT - stop using the wipes!!! There is alcohol on them and it will burn the little guy worse. I used an extra wipes container and placed papertowels in there and then added water. I used those to clean her up.

Good luck...

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