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Teething and Fevers
Feb 10, 2008
My DD is 5 months old, and has been showing signs of teething for like 2 months now: drooling and wanting to chew on everything in sight. No teeth yet although I can feel one coming on the bottom. I know they say fevers have nothing to do with teething, but she had a mild fever 2 weeks ago of 99.7, and another one tonight, 99.7 again. Other than being really fussy over the last several days, she has no other signs of illness (that I can see anyway). I am going to call the pediatrician tomorrow morning incase they want to check her for an ear infection or something, but my question is, did any of your LO's have a fever during teething?
Hi! I can't say this from my own personal experience because Ella still has no signs of teeth at 7 months. However, my best friends little girl has two teeth on the bottom and two more coming in on the top. She definitely ran low grade fevers when the bottom two were coming through. I haven't heard her say anything about it since the top two started, but I know she did when the bottom ones were coming through. My pedi hasn't said anything about fevers and teething, but also nothing to the contrary. He never brought it up either way. However, from my experience, you know your child best. If you don't see any other signs of illness, it's most probably the teething. But, check with your pedi just be to sure. ;)
both my girls ran fevers with every tooth they cut! the highest fevers they ran were with their first and second year molars (my youngest actually ran a temp of 105.1 with one of her molars!).

doctors will usually tell you its a coincidence, but after every single tooth, i'm kind of thinking it's just a part of teething!

it's definitely a good idea to get your daughter's ears checked because it's just so hard to tell at that age! hopefully everything turns out okay! :)

*you might ask your ped about motrin for your daughter.... my youngest started at five months because she was in the right weight range.... definitely ask first though!
teething ahh the joys even today...... Scream was what she did today she is also 5 months old. She has a small dot on the bottom which is a tooth( ha!) you can hardly see but it is there. But I am in the same position as you is it bothering her ears? Today I bought some teething tablets @ Walmart and I hope they work. Fever I give tyelnol for because it is probably low grade. All of my other children did real good with teething.
This is the fun stage but also the painful one as well. Just when colic
Good Luck

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