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Hey Delia!
I think your schedule sounds about right. It also depends on how far apart her feedings are. I am pretty much doing the same thing with Madeline. She drinks 7 oz at 8am, then she has cereal and solids around 11-11:30am(we're still introducing, so it depends on the food of the week!), and she only takes about 2-4 oz with her food. I think she gets too full, so I don't push it. Then we do another bottle around 2:30pm, then cereal and 4 oz around 5-6pm, then about 6 oz before bed.
I think you and your MIL are doing what's best for Ella and just taking her cues. I'm sure your MIL is not starving her! ;) I think I would be concerned if when you take Ella home and she's STILL hungry. Then I would definitely say something. If she's spitting up, then she's probably getting too much at once and I may back off the bottle. Solids definitely don't replace the formula, but when she's eating a lot of solids, she may be getting too full. You know your baby best! :)
How are you feeling??? Are you going to find out the sex of baby #2? I can't wait to hear all about it! Keep us posted!
Take Care! Laura
Hey Delia-

My Ella is on a similar schedule. She takes a 7oz bottle when I get her up in the morning (between 6 and 7) and then (at daycare) her next feeding is cereal and fruit and about 4-5oz bottle, then her next feeding is fruit and veggies and then a 6 oz bottle later, then she has more fruits and veggies for dinner and a 6oz bottle. She doesn't always drink all of her bottle either, especially now that she's getting the fruits and veggies- she refuses the bottle and starts looking for the food.

In all- my Ella is eating about 3/4-a full jar of fruit a day, 1/2-3/4 jar of veggies a day, a bit of cereal and around 24oz of formula...and she seems content. Our doctors are good with her schedule.

GOOD LUCK with baby #2,

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