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Thank you for the response. I will definitely consider nutramigen, but I do want to give soy a fair chance first. It may just be a milk intolerance or it may very well be MSPI (milk-soy protein intolerance) and he may have to be on a hypoallergenic formula. I know that some insurance companies will cover it if the need is that severe because of the cost, but I don't know if mine will. A girl on another message board is using the RTF stuff and her insurance is covering it because of how costly it is. Her daughter refuses to eat the powder. We tried soy tonight and I thought all was going well and then my son projectile vomited the entire bottle. I think he choked and that is why he threw up but it scared me because at first, I thought he was choking on the vomit, too, and it was coming out his nose, as well. But he seems okay now and ate some more after that. I will continue to monitor and if he throws up like that again, then I will definitely have to think about switching to Nutramigen.

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