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When they are more hungry. Then only increase by 2 oz. We all know our own kids, and we know when our baby is hungry. So when the next few feedings you do with your child watch for the signs of hungry. Like sucking like mad at the nipple still. Or still a little fussy. You go through this til you reach 8oz in a bottle. And be careful not to overfeed, or you will get a mess (please trust me on this one. I overfed one time, and he got sick while I was burping...needless to say it got on me and in my hair and on arm and clothes. I handed him to my friend who was there, and then my 3 year old jumped into my lap and goes "Mommy I peed my pants!" Needless to say, I was grossed out with what was on my arm, shoulder, hair, clothes, and after the 3 year old got added my leg and pants :o And boy, did I cherish my friend there and that they offered to watch the kids whilst I showered.) Here's a quick chart to run off of.... Newborns 2-3 ounces every 3-4 hours. When they hit about being a month old, usually its 4 oz every four hours. 6 months of age, 6-8 oz but its only like 4 or 5 feedings then. So basically, the average baby takes 2 or 3 ounces of formula each day for every pound of body weight. HOpe that helps

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