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Well we went to the Dr. today and he does not think that she has acid reflux. He thinks that she may have a bit of a mile allergy and by me mixing my breast milk with the formula it was causing her to get sick. He told me to stop giving her my breast milk and just give her the lacto free formula and see how that works. I thought that was kinda weird since breast milk should be the best for a baby but I listened and we will see what happens. He also told me to delute her formula with water so that she can have softer more frequent BM so we are suppossed to give her 2 oz of formula powder mixed with 3 oz of water. I hope that works for her because she seems to struggle so hard to poop and today there was even a little trace of blood in it like it maybe scraped her little anus coming out. He still wants us to give her the gas drops since it also seems to be helping with her burping but only he wants us to give it to her every other feeding rather tha every feeding.

Anyway, I hope this all works, I really want my baby girl to be happy and confortable.

I do have another question. He thought that 3 oz for a 5 week almost 6 week old baby was alot. She weighs 8 lbs 11 oz so I thought she should at least be having 4oz, if nothing else at least 4 oz at noght so she will sleep longer. BUt he told me to stick with 3 oz which is kinda hard for me because that means she is up at night every 3 hours and it is fine now but when I go back to work that will be hard to do ( my husband does not get up and help out with her at night so it is just me) Hopefully by the time I go back to work her little tummy can handle a little more and she can sleep longer. We will see. But do you think 3 oz is alot?

Anyway, I am rambling, thanks for all the help I will let you all know how everything works out.


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