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I don't know what to say about the fevers but the I understand the constantly being sick thing. My DD and DS have passed it back and forth since Christmas, I am ready to scream. I try to keep them away from each other as much as I can and I can't keep them from playing with each other. It has not been cold enough this winter , to kill all the germs. Also, the flu shot this year only was good for about 40% of the viruses out there. As to the fevers, what if you took her to the ER at night. That way a Dr will see her when she has a fever. Most ER's have a peditrician around.
when my baby's fever got up to 103.5 (she was around 8 months at the time), i was a little freaked out, but the doctor said not to panic about it. he said not to look at the numbers, but look at how the baby is acting. if she is still alert (she is going to be tired though) and responsive to stimulation, then she is okay. he said that unless the fever seems to be making her miserable, to not try to bring it down because the fever is the body's natural response to whatever illness is in her body.

anyway, just saying, don't freak out about the numbers. the numbers seem scary, but the human body has an amazing way of knowing how high a fever can get and then it has an automatic shutoff point.

both my daughters ran really high fevers with each tooth they cut! especially my two year old. she once hit 105.1 when she was cutting her molars!!! just a week or two ago she was running 103 off and on for five days, and guess what? two new teeth popped in.

will your daughter drink watered down juice? i only gave my daughters watered down apple juice when they were sick like that (they both refused pedialyte!). don't give it really cold or the shock of really cold juice on a feverish tummy might cause vomiting (it does in my kids!). no milk or formula (it can sour and curdle in a feverish tummy and cause more vomiting!) and no foods except mashed bananas, rice cereal and applesauce and bits of dry toast or crackers.

unless she is dehydrated or unresponsive, i would absolutely avoid the ER! most ER docs are not specifically trained to deal with infants and it can be quite the traumatic experience..... and will generally end up with them telling you your baby probably has a virus.... and this is after [I]hours[/I] of them poking and jabbing at and traumatizing your baby (that is what happened to my first at 8 months old, it was so horrible!!!). that being said, don't ignore your mommy instincts!!!

i sure hope she's feeling better soon!
It seems that a lot of viruses are lasting 3 weeks+. Your body gets tired at night as well as your immune system and your fight is just not as strong. I know that the fever can be scary, but as mcr wrote, it is how she is handeling it. Children are much more resillent to fevers than adults. I know if I had a fever of 102+ I would be in bed in a fetal position. But my kids can still run around and play.
Motrin and Tylenol work in your body 2 different ways. Motrin is processed through your kidneys whereas Tylenol through your liver. I always found Motrin to be more effective with fevers especially at night because it lasts longer (also more with teething because of the anti-inflammartory property.)It is safe to switch them.
I hope everyone recovers soon.:angel:
I understand about the fevers, and that hers may be higher because of being a baby, unfortunatly with her fever she's literally NOT MOVING, which is NOT normal for my little one. She'll sit on my lap for hours with her head on my chest (not sleeping, just sitting there, feeling awful) even after the motrin. That's what has me concerned and had us almost going to the ER. Talking to the on-call pediatrician she said if she doesn't perk up SOME after the meds (30-45 minutes later) that's when we should worry, and that's when we worried...luckily on the way to the ER (we had to stop for gas) she perked up and we ended up not going. I've been to hospitals enough the last year to know that I don't want to wait around to hear "it's nothing serious."

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