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A doctor should be able to diagnose Chicken Pox. It has a distinct rash. If they were unable I would consider a new dr.:(
It usually starts with a fever, it can be slight and you may or may not notice it. It starts on the face and neck and then areas develop into blisters surrounded by a red ring. The blisters fill with fluid (either clear or yellow) and eventually flatten out and crust over.

Did your doctor give you a perscription to ease the onset or symptoms?

If it is it, I hope her case is mild. Poor baby!!!!It might be better for her in the long run because the natural immunity seems to be more effective than the immunization.

One thing I wanted to tell you is that if she does in fact have the Chicken Pox she has a greater chance of developing Shingles later on. My son had it prior to being 12 months and develped shingles at 3 1/2, so that is something you have to keep in the back of your mind as she gets older. I recongized it right away because of that early exposure and got him diagnosed right away on the antiviral quick. His shingles symptoms were very mild because of that.

I would say if you have ruled out, soap, detergents and she still has the same rash after the weekend(and it isn't the Chicken Pox) I would get her checked out again. Good luck:angel:

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