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My son is 13 months also and we have a similar problem, although he's 25lbs. We started him on all table food about 9 months and he would eat anything. It was great! He ate anything and everything that we were eating. Then he turned 11 months. :( We have a heck of a time getting him to eat new things. He refuses! I stressed about it a lot but then realized he's not to the age where I can say "eat it" and he'll eat. He only eats chicken strips and turkey franks for lunch and dinner. I feel like a horrible mom but that's ALL I can him to eat for meals. He eats LOTS of fruit, cheese, yogurt, and goldfish crackers. I talked to his dr about this at his 1 year check up and she said to just make sure he gets fruits, veggies, and protein (from yogurt and cheese because he won't eat meat). Just make sure what your daughter DOES eat that it's healthy. LOL! (as I feed my son hotdogs!) Try to give less snacks so that she is actually hungry at meals so that she gets into the habit of eating for lunch and dinner. She'll eat if she's hungry.

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