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My DD is 6 months old, and had her well baby appointment (and shots) yesterday morning. She didn't act any different for the remainder of the day yesterday. Today, however, she has been sleeping for most of the day. Could it be from her shots yesterday morning? Even though she wasn't sleepy yesterday? I am concerned because she never acted like this after her 2 month or 4 month shots, and this is a kid who doesn't sleep all that much usually. I'm talking like 2-3 naps that each range from 20-45 minutes long. This morning she got up for the day at 7am, was sleeping again by 8:15am, woke up at 10:15am, sleeping again from 12-2pm, and back to sleep again at 3:30pm and is still sleeping. It's just weird and I am really worried. In between all this sleeping she is not acting sick or anything. I should also mention that they also gave her a flu shot. I was unsure about it until I saw on the news that a second child has died from the flu where we live.
Any input would be appreciated! I am so worried right now!

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