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Hi all, new to this forum.

I have a 2-wk-old boy whom I'm trying to breast-feed. We do know how to do this now. However, all along, he has been difficult to keep awake when nursing to get the most out of it. He tends to immediately close his eyes and get "lazy", going from a great suck to little "nibble" sucks within 5 min or fewer. Since I really can't wake him, I let him nibble - but that means he's on me for a half hr or more usually. And he's not satisfied (I know breast is not as satisfying and flows through easily). So the cycle is often endless: wants nursing, gets nipple with good suck, closes eyes and slows down, eventually lets go of nipple and drifts to total sleep, wakes in 5 min and demands more. I.e., it often is constant feeding using breast.

Yes, I am "supplementing" - mostly now before bed to satisfy him quickly and keep him sleeping a longer time (often 4 hrs, sometimes longer).

But since day 1 he has been very lazy at the breast and I think things would be easier on all of us if he wouldn't "sleep" there but concentrate of suckling.

Anyone have this issue? Any ways to try to resolve it, besides the usual?
i SO know what you are going through!!! what a pain!!! i used to try tickling her feet, thumping the bottom of her feet, keeping her undressed, etc.... what started working for us was if i'd just put her down flat on her back (i was always in bed nursing, so i'd just put her on the bed). the second i put her down, she'd wake up and scream.... and then as soon as she would get back on to nurse, she'd conk out again.... very frustrating!!!

just do what you can to keep it as uncomfortable as you can for him so he doesn't get too snuggly and sleepy! relax, he'll get better at it and he'll wake up more (and then you'll be back on the boards wondering how in the world you can get the kid to sleep!) and feedings will get better. it just takes a little time.

if you are supplementing, make sure you pump or you'll slow down your milk production!

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