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My 13 month old has recently got over a bad ear infection. During that time he was waking up at night from the pain and i would bring him into bed with me to comfort him. He's always slept right through the night since he was 2 months old. He's over his infection now but I think he's figured out that if he cries in the middle of the night, I will pick him up. I was reading a book that says do not pick him up, just be beside him, or else night waking will become a habit. I tried that but I feel so bad, he just gets so upset...I feel like I'm abandoning him. So what are everyone's opinions on what's appropriate for a child that age?
We are having a very similar problem with our 14 month old. He was sick with a sore throat and an ear infection but was feeling better last week (I think he's sick again though). While he was sick I would pick him up and rock him back to sleep when he would cry in the middle of the night. He has now figured out that he can cry when he just wants some company, I'm really trying to break this habit. We switched him to a big bed last week so I'm trying to deal with that change and the fact that he doesn't feel well. He's become VERY clingy since he was sick and I think that is a lot of the problem at night. I really hope someone gives you some good advice 'cause I'm needing some too! :)

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