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Hi, I have a 9 month old daughter who from 3 weeks old suffered from milk protein intolerance, she was then switched to soya milk which caused her to lose weight and have blood in her stools. They then put her on neocate milk powder which settled her tummy down. At 3 months she was diagnosed with acid reflux and constipation, so she takes lactulose and 12mg of losec (omeprozole) a day. from around 6 months she has been a lovely problem free child, apart from allergies to weaning foods. She is under a nutritionist and will only be having carrot, potatoes and lamb on a daily basis until she is one when she will be reviewed again. This is due to multiple food reactions. She has 3 meals of this food a day and also about 24 oz of neocate milk.

The problem I have is that although her bottom two teeth only came through last weekend, for the past 5 days she has been screaming, arching her back, very uncomfortable. I don't know what can be causing this as she is having regular bowel movements. She has also developed vertical riidges in her nails and the half moon at the base of her nails seems to have spread to nearly 3 quarters of the way up each nail. I am not sure if this is significant.

Any advice would be greatly received


emma (mum of 5year old and 9 month old)

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