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I need some advice from others that have had babies with reflux. My baby has reflux and it's really difficult. She throws up before, during, or after 3/4's of her feedings. I am not talking about spitup. I am talking about full fledged projectile vomitting. She is obviously getting enough to eat because she continues to gain weight and she is eager for her feedings. However, I am so tired of having to take 12 burp cloths with me whenever I feed her and many changes of outfits. I am afraid to feed her in a public setting because she will 80% chance throw up. She is on Zantac so that it doesn't burn that bad when she does throw up (although she throws up the Zantac many times that we give it to her). We have added rice cereal to her bottles and she still throws up. We keep her upright after feedings and then put her in her crib that has the head of it elevated and now she has started to throw up across her crib - hitting the floor even. Please....any advice other than she will grow out of this before 1 year? She is 3 months.

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