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Hi, my neice is 9 months old and all was going well until a week or 2 ago. She did happen to get 3 vaccinations on one of these recent days, but now I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my concern. The only kind of rash she's ever had was a little diaper rash here & there, nothing else on any other part of her body. But 2 days after the vaccinations, she developed a red splotchy rash all over her body (even on her head). The splotches were different sizes & shapes, some tiny, small larger, almost looked hive-ish but without bumps. So I thought the vaccinations did this. But she had no fever, no itching, didnt seem to be bothered by it. Over several days it went away. Then several days ago, she suddenly got the rash again all over her body, but did not have anymore vaccinations. So this is why I think maybe that has nothing to do with it. It faded again over a few days and today she was getting more small splotches all over her face and neck and a few on other areas. But today I noticed one red splotch was raised like a big hive, and she had little bumps in some places, plus little bumps starting on her forehead that weren't yet red. The whole family is now thinking she must be allergic to something she's eating. My sis said the one time she was okay, and she fed her mixed berries baby food, then a rash appeared the next day. My mother also fed her just blueberries baby food another day, and it seemed like the rash got worse again. She's only been eating these recently. The only other things she ingests are baby forumula and gerber baby cereals...that is it. And she's always drank the same formula since birth, and always eaten the same cereal for maybe 2 or 3 months. So i'm thinking maybe she's allergic to the blueberries. Or maybe she's having some reaction from being out in the sun?

My sis called her pediatrician the first time it happened, but only spoke with her on the phone, the doc did not ask to see her. The doc said it couldnt have been from the vaccination and that it's probably just a little virus or nothing to worry about. My sis did, though, make an appt. with a dermatologist so we'll see what he says.

Has this happened to anyone else's baby? Is there any thing in foods that might commonly cause allergic reactions?

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