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my son is going to be 6 weeks this week, there are sometimes he want to eat every hour and a half or even every hour, i always feed him i cant get his mind off of it. is it ok to be feeding him that often? he is drinking 5 ounces right now and once in awhile 6oz, but he wont wait more than 4 hours to eat again but its usually every 3hrs. my friend has a 3 week baby who she feeds rice cereal to and slept for 7 hours it safe to be giving that to a baby that young, and is it also safe for a new baby to go that long with no bottle? Is my son ok eating as much as he does? i didnt think you should give rice cereal until there a few months am i wrong? Also, my son a problems taking naps during the day even when i know he is overtired, how can i get him to stay asleep?

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