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new to the board... I have a 3 month old little boy who slept by our bed in a cradle until 8 weeks old... he has pretty well always napped in his swing since he was born. The transition to crib was hit and miss & he'd often end up in the swing. Now, he screams and fights at bedtime... we do have a feed/bath/book routine and he gets looking SO tired but once in the crib he freaks out...

The other issue is that he despises being swaddled because he always has to have his hands up in his face sucking on them, which i guess is good for self soothing, something he's really bad at... but the one time I didn't swaddle him, the second he fell asleep, his arms relaxed and dropped & he panicked and got all worked up again.

Tonight we tried for 50 min ... did our routine, swaddle, music, no eye contact or talking, periodically popping the soother back in... & he was the most hysterical I've ever seen him, just so so worked up... so to the swing and asleep within a minute... we then let him get to a deeper sleep and tried to transfer him back to the crib after twenty min in the swing and he was awake instantly after being put down and was fussing right away...

I'm just concerned about the safety of sleeping in a swing for his growth & quality of sleep... & what will happen when it's time to move him to the crib once he outgrows the swing... Just at a loss, I'd rather break the habit now but don't know how... it's not that he's a bad sleeper, he sleeps for 4-6 hours at a time, just in the wrong place.... should I be worried now, or worry more as we get closer to 4 months, as some things I read say they don't get into real routines until then!??

At my wits end... any suggestions appreciated!

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